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Doubs, France, november 2009

Bloodvein, Canada, september 2013

Hallo paddlers

This is my website which I setup to describe my first attempt to build a cedarstrip solo canoe.

My husband and I are avid paddlers and so I have also included some pictures of a few rivers which we have paddled.

In the summer of 2008 we paddled the Wind river in the Yukon and the previous year the Trysil in Norway.  See more about these in the canoe trip section of the site. In 2010  we enjoyed the fast water of the Mountain river in the North West Territories of Canada. 2011 we discovered the Werra in former East Germany and also visited Mecklenburg. 2012 was the year of French bread and wine on the Allier and Loire rivers.

We visited Canada for 7 weeks in the summer of 2013 and made two fantastic trip. Follow the links here for the blogs.

 In 2014 we paddled for 47 days  on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail You can find the story of our trip here, the  Journal of the Floating Dutchman

2015 started closer to home in May with a trip down the Thames   , the river where I made my first paddle strokes many years ago.

In 2015 we made our first visit to Alaska and paddled the Noatak, an easy river with spectacular scenery above the Arctic circle. Not having had enough of trips, in October 2015 we joined a trip led by Wilderness Canoe taking us around the magnificent scenery in Assynt, Scotland.

In 2016 on recommendation of paddling friends, we went to Mongolia and paddled the Khovd river, a wonderful river and an introduction to Mongolian and Kazac cultures.

In 2019 we paddled through Ireland from North to South. Blog on Song of the Paddle

In 2020, despite Corona restrictions, we managed to travel to Denmark for a week at the end of september, at the time the travel advice was good, and paddled the Gudena river.

 Coming up....

Presentation Pieterpeddel - winter 2021 at Kanovereniging Keistad in Amersfoort.   Later this year, also a report on

Open Kano Festival of the Netherlands Weerribben  10/11/12 sept 2021


Last updates:  Soulmate - 6 sept  2008 - Launching;        Kipawa - 12 august  2009 - Launching.  Mongolia Khovd river photos -  22 jan 2018.   Skin-on-frame canoe building log 2 september 2012. Ireland North to South 13 november 2019. Link to Gudena trip 8 july 2021.













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