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The Wind is one of the rivers in the Northern Yukon which makes up the Peel water shed. We paddled this river in august 2008. A bad summer in the Yukon meant that water levels were high and allowed us to race along. The weather was mainly cold and wet with northerly wind but occassionally the sun popped out for a few minutes to allow a photo shoot!

Trip is from Mcclusky Lake to a take-out at Taco Bar.

Thanks to Hannes Aschwanden and Herbert Niedermeier for the photography.

Flying in

Mcclusky Lake

Lining down the creek from McClusky Lake into the Wind

Somewhere on the river - typical weather

View over Bond Creek

Wind River Valley

Camp at Deception Mountain

Somewhere along the river

Peel Canyon

Exit of Peel Canyon

Last update: nov 24 2008






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