Mountain River, NWT




The Nahanni used to be our favourtie river. In august 2010 we paddled the Mountain River and this river is a high contender for first place. There is continuous white water for much of its journey from the mountains to the confluence with the MacKenzie and the mountain scenery is really fantastic.

As we started at Dusty Lake, we have numbered the canyons as we encountered them. Trips starting at Willowhandle lake have one less canyon to paddle. See also short video .

August 7th - Fly in from Mayo to Dusty Lake over the Selwyn Mountain range




Campsite along the portage path between Dusty Lake and the river. River is the small gorge in the landscape.

Dusty Lake in the morning




Mountain river at the get-in by Dusty Lake




Camp about 20 km downstream from Dusty Lake

Canyon 1 above the join with Black Feather creek



Drying clothes after a capsize in the canyon















Camp across the river from Cache Creek

Waterfall and tufamound in Cache Creek, about 1km from the river






Entrance to canyon 2 just below Cache creek


Paddling just above Cache Creek



Canyon 2




Exit of canyon 2. Stop to bail out the boats, despite spray decks.




Battleship rock marks the entrance to canyon 3.

Canyon 3




Evening on the river below the confluence with the Stoneknife river


Helicopter rescue after capsize resulted in an injured knee and leg





Entrance rapid to canyon 4

Canyon 4






Beach and campspot (up in the trees) at exit of canyon 4



Middle canyon 5 below the entrance

Canyon 5



Exit of canyon 5. Start of the lowlands.

Evening sunset



Canyon 6



Sulphur spring at exit of canyon 6


Camp in the Mackenzie lowlands - cold weather!



Confluence of the Mountain river with the Mackenzie



August 21st - Float plane lands to take us back to Mayo

Flight back to Mayo




Moonrise on the Stewart river at Mayo (floatplane base)



Last update: sept. 09 2010







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