Garage clear out


Model choice


Tracing plans


Making the moulds


Bending the stems






First strip




Outer stems




Epoxy outside


Sanding inside


Epoxy inside


Gunwales and fittings


Canoe seat




Odds and sods



Home canoe building

Last update: Feb 19 2008

Feb 19 2008

Now I have finished planking, I referred to Ted Moore's book for the next step and disappointed to learn that only about 1/3 of the work is now done.

Feb 19 2008

Glued the final strip in place. The hull is now closed.

Feb 14 2008

Used a piece of tracing paper to mark the shape of the gap to fill. Transferred the shape to a strip of suitable colour using carbon paper.  Cut the fill strip with my Japanese saw roughly to shape and then planed and sanded till it fitted.

The two previous strips have a straight edge (no cove) and the final strip can be dropped into the gap.

Feb 13 2008

Just 1 more strip to go but winter has returned. Coming weekend we are going paddling in the Eiffel (Brrr!) . Maybe it will be  warmer again next week so that I can close the hull.

Have started to add strips at the bow and stern ends to build up the sheer line.

Feb 10 2008

Some friends came to visit today and took this foto. Filling in is going slowly not only because of the time taken to fit the strips but the weather has been really fabulous for february - blue clear skies and 14C and used the opportunity to go paddling friday and saturday.

Feb 6 2008

Still some way to go with filling the football but curious to get a feel for the colour scheme, I placed the external stem and the seat I am making next to the boat.

Feb 2 2008

Started to fill in the "football" this week.

For each strip I made trial fitting pieces with my offcuts for each end, and then used these as a model to cut, chisel, plane and sand each piece to fit.

Encountered problems in trying to twist the stems at the end. On the otherside, I had long extending strips which I could clamp and twist.

Wedges and clamps as shown here held the strip in the correct position close to the stem.


Jan 26 2008

Reached the centre line yesterday and I have now cut out the center line after first practising on some off-cuts.

I used a Japanese saw and thereafter a rabat plane and a small Record block lane to make the final straight line.

The small block plane worked best.


Jan 22 2008

Before I add each new strip, I mark the center line using the centre marks of the forms which are still showing.

Jan 20 2008

Reached the center line and am now only placing strips on the LHS.

Mark the center line each time a add a strip

Jan 14-18 2008

Approaching the point where I will have to work on one side only.

Up till now glued strips on RHS first but now choosing to do so on the LHS so that later when I have to fit strips I can work on the side next to my workbench.

Jan 7-11 2008

After a cold snap which allowed me to go skating and thereafter a Christmas holiday break, this week in january has been abnormally warm and allowed me to continue.

Daytime temperatures between 7 and 10C allowing me to add 2 strips (1 each side) every day.


Dec 12

Winter has arrived. Nearly freezing today and going to remain so for some time. No more planking for the time being.

Dec 10/11 2007

Added accent strips of walnut.

Dec 9 2007

Normally we try to go paddling in the weekend. But with lots of rain and wind this weekend,  Geoff preferred to work and I now have a total of 10 strips on the forms.

Getting round the tumblehome was a hassle. Should get easier now...

Dec 7 2007

Dec 5 2007

The weather was suprisingly warm for the time of year, and with a few degrees warmth added by a convection heater  was able to glue.






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